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This is an open-source pulp fan demake of the hit game Inscryption, currently in pre-alpha development.

If you're familiar with card games like Magic or Yu-Gi-Oh, you'll pick it up quickly: play free creatures like squirrels from your hand with (A).  Stronger creatures require sacrifices, or the bones of dead creatures (current bones shown in the upper left). Hit (B) at any time (except when using the crank) to see an explanation of the current creature and its sigils (abilities).

Turn the crank to scroll up and see what cards the enemy will play next turn. Hit (B) to return to gameplay.

The art continues to be very janky.

Any feedback is welcome, so post your thoughts in the comments below!

Future updates:

A basic tutorial

A map of upcoming events between matches

Animated card movements

The actual AI algorithm from Inscryption

This game is opensource and was programmed in Pulp.

Install instructions

This PDX only functions with a Playdate or Playdate emulator. The online and offline emulators load files differently, but the zip contains a pdx folder (for offline emulator, use file-->open) and in that folder a .json (for uploading to the online emulator, and viewing code).


Playcees-mod-0.15-virtualizing-health_20220807050534.zip 240 kB

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