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Made for LowRezJam2022!

In Starvation, you play the widowed Mother of four children living on a farm in 18th Century Europe. 

War has brought famine.  The goal of the game is not to starve. 

Each day you must:

  • send each of your children to farm, mine, or hunt to feed the family
  • buy what you can afford at the market,
  • welcome your children home at night, and 
  • feed them, if you can.

Depending on your decisions, you might survive. But at what cost?

This game was programmed in Pulp.


 This game is designed for the PlayDate system. Open the Starvation.pdx folder with the free Playdate Simulator, or copy it to the "games" folder of your Playdate device.

To play the game online (without music for technical reasons), download the .json file and "import" it to your free playdate account at https://play.date/pulp.

LowRezJam Version Note: 
a new full-music version with bugfixes has been released! [Edit2: an even newer version fixes a bug preventing sideloading via Play.Date/account/sideload. Now  you can upload the game to your PlayDate wirelessly, even from your phone!]


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Click download now to get access to the following files:

Starvation+ (updated PDX with music and bugfixes) 2 MB
Starvation .json version (for Play.Date/Pulp online emulator) and codebase 484 kB

Development log


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Data disk mode worked. Good game. 

Glad to hear it! I contacted Panic about the server error, hopefully I can get that fixed soon.

Hi! I'm not able to sideload the pdx onto my playdate. Can you check if the archive is executable? I don't know if I'm doing something wrong.

Thank you!

Did you use play.date/account/sideload? For some reason I get a server error with this PDX in particular using that method.

It should work if you unzip the zip file and either

  • Put your playdate in data disk mode and copy the entire .PDX folder into the games folder of your playdate, OR
  • Use the Playdate simulator  with your playdate connected to your computer, choose the option from the device menu to transfer the game to device.

This looks pretty cool! I'll be keeping an eye out for a music, less glitches version :P

(1 edit) (+1)

Coming next week!

It turns out that Pulpmill, a tool used to add music to this game and increase the frame rate, doesn't like the "ignore input" command I used during animations.

It would be fixed already, but I added the music last night at 3am, lol.  Once I get some sleep it should take like, 5 minutes to fix. 


Done: https://coronavitae.itch.io/starvation-simulator-for-playdate/devlog/416723/musi...

can you upload a .pdx.zip of the lowresjam final version?  Id like to sideload  and dont know what to do with a .json file to get there


The "no music, some glitches" zipfile is a pdx version of the "LowRezJam version!" json.

The "music and glitches" version runs much smoother though, just fyi.